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What Should I Expect for My Massage Session?

All massage sessions take place in a private, serene, quiet space where you can relax and focus entirely on yourself.

Once you and I have talked about your health, any physical pain or discomfort you have been experiencing, and what you hope to attain from the session, you will be given privacy to disrobe completely (or to whatever level you are most comfortable with).

You will then get on the massage table completely under naturally laundered sheets. The table will be warm to help your muscles relax, and the temperature can be adjusted to suit your comfort. Once you are settled and ready for your massage, I will re-enter the room to begin. If at any point anything is uncomfortable, please voice your feelings; communication is key. I want you to enjoy your experience.

Proper draping is always used for the comfort of client and therapist. Organic, unscented massage cream will be used. I may ask questions throughout the session related to what you are feeling in your body as the session progresses.

When the massage has concluded, I will again give you privacy so you can rest briefly and get dressed.

How Can I Maintain My Well-Being Between and After Massage Sessions?

Drink plenty of water after your massage to help keep muscles hydrated and to flush away toxins that may be released through massage. This will help prevent soreness that can occur from a deep tissue massage.

Stretch! If the therapist suggests a stretch or an exercise to help prevent recurring tightness, be sure to follow through and perform it regularly.